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I help business owners improve efficiency in their back office by dealing with website enquiries and emails, organising your online meetings, chasing suppliers or liaising with customers, updating your online shops to give you that extra head space to earn more money by reducing your day to day admin load.

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Our Pricing Plans



10 hours per month £300 retainer.

(Price increase to £320 retainer starting 1st April 2024)

Ideal for the business owner who needs ad-hoc help throughout the month. With a monthly retainer, this is paid in advance.

10% of hours not used can be rolled over.



20 hours per month £600 retainer.

(Price increase to £640 retainer starting 1st April 2024)

Perfect for the busy business owner who has more admin tasks that can be handed over. 20 hours set aside for you, monthly.

Retainer paid monthly, with 20 hours work per month, 10% rolls over if you don’t use all your hours in one month.



40 Hours per month £1,200 retainer.

(Price increase to £1,280 retainer starting 1st April 2024)

This package is my most cost-efficient package, for 40 hours retained per month. Keep your back office tasks under control with this package, while you concentrate on building your client base.

We can really get to grips with your admin, and work together to move your business forwards.

What does a Virtual Assistant do?
A virtual Assistant (VA) provides remote administrative support for various work that needs to be done in a business, very much like a secretary would in an office. For example, we can schedule appointments manager your inbox or Social Media, help with your customer service or e-commerce businesses, or keep you data entry up to date in your customer files. The work done can vary a huge amount on which work the business needs doing.
How does the pricing work?
There are 3 options.:- Ad-hoc, monthly Retainer, or project rate.

Ad-hoc:- If you are not sure how many hours per month you will need, you can start on an ad-hoc option. You don’t have to have regular hours every month, or sign up for a regular amount of hours every month. You pay slightly more for this option, and run the risk of the VA not being available for the hours you would like during the month.

Retainer:- You commit to 10, 20, 30 or 40 hours per month. Pay to retain that many hours with your VA at the beginning of the month. A minimum of 10% of unused hours can be transferred once to the next month if needed. You pay slightly less for this option, as we can then manage our workload effectively.

Project rate: – This is used for one off projects. Things like CRM installs or data entry projects, or work that would suit a one price option, so you can then budget more easily, knowing the work you need will get done to budget.

How do I know how many hours are being used?
We use time tracking software that tracks what we are doing by the minute. You will receive a PDF with your invoice every month, with the amount of time detailed that we have spent on different areas of your business, in easy to digest format, listed but also in a pie chart, so you can fine tune where you would rather we spent our time.
What are your rates?

We have project rates, ad-hoc rates and retainer rates, whatever we feel fits your situation the best.
Project rates depend on the project complexity and size, and are individually priced.
Ad-hoc is £35 per hour.
Retainer rate is £30 per hour.

(Price increase £2 per hour for new clients starting after 1st April 2024)

How long does it take before I notice a difference after bringing a VA onboard?

Generally I say to my clients that 6 weeks in, they should normally be feeling quite settled and feel happy that the business is working more efficiently, so they can start to focus on different tasks.

How do I know my customer details are safe?

All of the Tandem VR team are registered with Information Commissioners Office, they have undertaken GDPR training regularly and are following guidelines regarding their pc data safety guidelines as set out by the GDPR regulations.
Tandem will also supply you with a GDPR contract to give Tandem, and keep you within the GDPR rules.

Do VA’s need insurance?

Yes, all of the Tandem VR team are fully insured with Public Indemnity to complete this work, in case anything should go wrong.

What is IR35, and do we need to worry about it?

IR35 is a piece of legislation introduced in April 2021, taking it’s name from the Inland Revenue press release 35, announcing the impending arrival of the legislation. It is a set of tax avoidance rules to crack down on ‘disguised employment’.
Our Tandem VR ‘Terms of Business’ are carefully written by Suzanne Dibble, (who worked with Richard Branson as his lawyer for many years.) with this issue in mind. This clearly sets out the client the VA relationship, as a contractor role and not an employed role.

What is the time frame for onboarding?

When you decide to start work with Tandem VR, we will send you a welcome email together with a link to a form for you to fill in some basic details about your business. We will then organise your ‘Terms of Business’ to e-sign, and a GDPR contract for you to provide us with, to keep us within the GDPR regulations.
This onboarding depends on how quickly you complete the forms, this is generally within a couple of days, we will then set up a video call to introduce you to your carefully selected VA.

What happens in the case of absence, holidays or sickness?

We will generally anticipate any issues or times where your support may not be available. This will be discussed ahead of time and on a case by case basis. You will usually be given the option of another VA taking over until your usual VA returns.