Grow your business, not your stress.


I help you grow your business and not your stress, by solving your admin problems.

Are you busy being busy? Are you a small business owner, who is struggling with their paperwork, or not keeping up to date with your client database? Do you need someone to chase paperwork, liaise with suppliers or clients, or just keep vital materials in stock?

Are you missing leads because you are overwhelmed with back-office admin just to keep the wheels of your business turning?

Can you concentrate on your fee earning business, or are you getting frustrated and bogged down in day to day admin?

I help business owners improve efficiency in their back office by introducing systems, and enable you to earn more money by reducing the admin load. Pass over those tasks that don’t need your expertise, so you can spend your time on tasks that better use your skills.

One more hand on the pump and another set of eyes on your business. Become less stressed and more profitable, contact me to chat about what we can do to move your company forwards for 2022!

Who doesn’t want more time to concentrate on their favourite tasks?

Get your invoices chased and your leads organised while you get on with what you started your business for!

Don’t get in it’s way, give your business momentum!



10 hours per month £290 retainer.

Ideal for the business owner who needs ad-hoc help throughout the month. With  a monthly retainer, this is paid in advance. 10% of hours not used can be rolled over. Please fill in my contact form at the bottom of this page to chat about how we can work together.


20 hours per month £560 retainer.

Perfect for the busy business owner who has more admin tasks that can be handed over . 20 hours set aside for you, monthly. Retainer paid monthly, with 20 hours work per month, 10% rolls over if you don’t use all your hours in one month.
Please fill in my contact form at the bottom of this page to chat about how we can work together.


40 Hours per month £1000 retainer.

This package is my most cost-efficient package, for 40 of my hours retained per month. Keep your back office tasks under control with this package, while you concentrate on building your client base. We can really get to grips with your admin, and work together to move your business forwards. Fill in my contact form at the bottom of this page to chat about how we could work together.

Ad-hoc rate £30 per hour

A ‘pay as you go’ type service.

If you have any one off projects, like data entry, or you need to catch up on a task that you are not getting around to; my ad-hoc rate is the one for you!

One off projects

I love one off projects, such a sense of achievement when they are done!
I like to chat to you about these, in detail to find out exactly what is expected, and I can get back to you with a quote, shortly.

"After a friendly and professional conversation with Mandy, I was immediately put at ease. She listened. Nothing was too much trouble and problems were approached in an intelligent and constructive way. Work was speedily and efficiently executed. Absolute value for money. All of my expectations were exceeded. Mandy provided a first class service"

Julia Law
Retired Partner at Bracher’s Solicitors

"Mandy, just a note to say well done on getting to grips with the new system so quickly. It’s been a massive help having you on board to free me up to focus on business development"

Nick Maclennan


"What can I say.. Mandy is absolutely amazing.. I needed desperate help and she came to my aid like an angel.... Mandy pointed me in the direction of the council grant's, as I'm a DJ and needed to desperately find funding through the pandemic. Mandy also helped me with my children’s PARTY IN A BOX, she provided me with a sheet of costs and idea of what to put in them, and made me a table with everything in, detailing the suppliers, costs and what others charge for a similar thing. Mandy also looked at photos for me to resize them. Mandy also created pictures of my testimonials for me so I could send them to customers. An absolute amazing service and which I think is a must, in business... she is so personable""

Ben Kelly

Pivoting DJ!

About me

I am the sort of person who loves to make a positive difference to other peoples lives. I am proud to say I sponsor a local football team that my girl has joined. I love to be able to help grass roots sports and get children outside and running about, especially with my Tandem logo on their kit! I now spend most of my weekends standing at the side of a football pitch cheering them on. Something I never expected to be doing with 2 girls!

I have over 20 years experience in office management in all areas of administration. I get a real kick out of doing something practical to make your work life easier! I love to have a problem solve, and it’s so good to see a difference being made in the businesses I work with, becoming more streamlined and so much easier to handle.