Services & Packages

Outsourced Admin Provider

Marketing / Customer service

  • Social Media Scheduling,
  • Yearly marketing plan,
  • Graphic Social Media posts made
  • Market research
  • Email correspondence
  • Ecommerce message answering
  • Follow up quotes
  • Calling warm leads

CRM Software

  • Workflow Mapping
  • Advice on the best fit CRM,
  • CRM installation
  • CRM data entry and ongoing upkeep
  • Introduce Automation

Back Office Administration

  • Data entry
  • Diary management
  • Create / send Quotes
  • Liaise with suppliers
  • Administration of projects
  • Bespoke system upkeep & data entry


  • Create / send Invoices
  • Chase Invoices
  • Pay bills
  • Credit control

Helping your business move forward

Understand your business workflow and improve your new employee onboarding experience and importantly your customer journey. Our systems audit and Workflow mapping service can really help your business move forward and expand on a solid base.

We can also recommend a Customer Relationship Management system for you to keep track of your leads and current client details, from Airtable to Hubspot, my team has the expertise to implement this for you!

We can also offer a power hour to discuss how you could best move your systems forward into a more user-friendly format if you didn’t want a whole systems audit.

Our Pricing Plans



10 hours per month £300 retainer.

(Price increase to £320 retainer starting 1st April 2024)

Ideal for the business owner who needs ad-hoc help throughout the month. With a monthly retainer, this is paid in advance.

10% of hours not used can be rolled over.



20 hours per month £600 retainer.

(Price increase to £640 retainer starting 1st April 2024)

Perfect for the busy business owner who has more admin tasks that can be handed over. 20 hours set aside for you, monthly.

Retainer paid monthly, with 20 hours work per month, 10% rolls over if you don’t use all your hours in one month.



40 Hours per month £1200 retainer.

(Price increase to £1280 retainer starting 1st April 2024)

This package is my most cost-efficient package, for 40 hours retained per month. Keep your back office tasks completely under control with this package, while you concentrate on building your client base.

We can really get to grips with your admin, and work together to move your business forwards.


£35/per hour

A ‘pay as you go’ type service.

(Price increase to £37 / per hour starting 1st April 2024)

If you have any one off projects, like data entry, or you need to catch up on a task that you are not getting around to; my ad-hoc rate is the one for you! The minimum charge per month is £35. I charge by the minute, so I only charge for the work I do!

One off projects

Priced per project.

I love one off projects, such a sense of achievement when they are done!
I like to chat to you about these, in detail to find out exactly what is expected, and I can get back to you with a quote, shortly.