How to Find Your Perfect Virtual Assistant, For Your Business

Deciding to look for your first virtual assistant is a huge step as a solopreneur. There are some important things you need to think about, to ensure you are hiring the right virtual assistant for your business and yourself.
In this post, I’m sharing the best tips to help you find the right virtual assistant and how you can make the relationship run a little smoother. You can find your perfect virtual assistant in the Tandem VR team of admin assassins following these few steps and thought processes.

What Can A Virtual Assistant Do?

First, it’s important to know who a virtual assistant is and what they can do. The term virtual assistant is pretty broad and generalised. Some virtual assistants may specialise and offer specific services, so it’s essential to pick the right person based on their skill set and your business needs. Some virtual assistants love administrative work; others might be considered Tech VA’s and love all things systems, set up, and automation. We all have various skill sets and favourite tasks in our team, so it is important to know the type of tasks you need done.

How to look for the Right Virtual Assistant for you.

1) Know What Tasks You Need Help With

The first and most important step when finding the right virtual assistant is knowing what tasks you need help with the most. If the top tasks you want to outsource are tech-related, you need to make sure your virtual assistant loves that type of task.

You also want to decide if you are open to training a virtual assistant on any tasks or programs they don’t have experience with. If you don’t want to spend the time training, make sure you find someone already familiar with most of your systems or a very quick learner.

We come across lots of different systems all the time, and so learn new ones quite fast. A lot of times, a new CRM or tech system is like when you upgrade your phone. Yes it’s different, but it’s also very similar to your last phone, and so you are quite quick to pick up the differences.

2) Know What’s Most Important to You

When it comes to hiring a new virtual assistant, one of the most important steps is to work out what’s most important to you when it comes to your team. Do you prioritise communication and love someone who brings ideas to the table? Do you want someone who has a quick turnaround time? Asking yourself these key questions will help you make sure you are hiring the right virtual assistant.

Another essential thing to think about is personality. Your virtual assistant will be working in your business a lot, so you want someone who is also a fit personality-wise. At Tandem I spend some time talking to the business owner and try to match a virtual assistant in my team that would best suit you. It is really important to like and get on with your virtual assistant! This is the first step to feeling comfortable sharing your business needs, and how you do things. And, also trusting that they will do their best and work in the way you want them to. If there is nobody already in our team that I think would suit you, I have links to over 100 other Virtual assistants in my network, so I can always find someone suitable to bring into my team for you.

3) Know The Role Expectations

The last step to making sure you find the right virtual assistant is to map out clear guidelines and expectations around their role and the work involved. Most client and virtual assistant relationships fail if there aren’t clearly laid out expectations and defined roles.

Your virtual assistant’s goal is to work with you and take those tasks off your plate that aren’t in your zone of genius (or you just don’t enjoy doing). But, they won’t be able to work effectively if they don’t have clear processes, expectations, and communication from you, especially at the start.

4) How Many Hours A Month Should you Start With?

You should have a rough idea of how many hours you would need a virtual Assistant for during the month, and a budget.
A VA will normally be much faster than you are at certain tasks once they are familiar with them. This is mainly due to the fact they will not be disturbed and distracted by other tasks, and the clock only runs when we are at our desks working for you. It doesn’t run over tea breaks, or phone calls to friends!
If you aren’t sure about how many hours you will need, you can always opt for an adhoc option, where the hours can change every month, and then after a couple of months you will have a better idea.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a virtual assistant is an exciting next step for any entrepreneur, but it can be stressful and overwhelming to make sure you find the right fit.
If you’re looking for your perfect fit, let’s book a quick discovery call and I’m sure your perfect Virtual Assistant will be waiting for you to work together!